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Our mission is to create, promote, and disseminate a more balanced understanding of the interrelationship of the countries, peoples, and cultures of the United States and China through the tools of mass communication and public education.

Four strategic areas make up the U.S.-China Media and Communications Program, housed at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Experts Exchange: Ying Chan
Ying Chan

Ying Chan, an award-winning journalist and Hong Kong native, established The University of Hong Kong's Journalism and Media Studies Centre in September 1999. She set up the first professional postgraduate journalism programme in Hong Kong, launched Hong Kong's first fellowships for working journalists, and forged extensive ties between HKU and the news industry.

Chan's honours include a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University, a George Polk Award for journalistic excellence and an International Press Freedom Award by the Committee to Protect Journalists. She taught at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and was on the board of the Asian American Journalists Association. Chan has a bachelor's degree (social sciences) from HKU and a Masters from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Ying Chan: A Chinese American Trains New Chinese Journalists Today

A transcript from Russell Leong's Oct. 9, 2008 interview with Ying Chan, Director and Professor, Journalism and Media Studies Center, the University of Hong Kong

RUSSELL LEONG: Now, you’re an award-winning journalist and a Nieman fellowship [recipient], George Polk award[ee] and you’ve done journalism both in the West and in the East. So what would you say from your professional expertise standpoint would be the differences between the U.S./Western media and the reportage of China and what you’re trying to do here in terms of training this new generation to report on China?

YING CHAN: Well, what we’re trying to do is really for Chinese, for Asians to tell our stories. China is developing, Asia is developing, but who is telling our stories? It’s still very much by the West, by the international media. They’ve done some good jobs, some not so good jobs, but still we should be the authority in telling our stories. I believe good journalism is the same everywhere, but there are distinct perspectives, distinct stories that Asian and Chinese journalists should be able to tell and get it out to the world.

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