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"China on the Rise: Is America Still Important?": With China on the rise, is studying American history and culture still important?

View Professor Mei Renyi exclusive interview with U.S./China Media Brief Director, Russell C. Leong

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Prof. Mei Renyi, a frequent commentator on CCTV, analyzes the "ascent" of China and the "descent" of America's position in the world--with his own caveat and unique perspective on the media.

Prof. Mei Renyi is the Director of the American Studies Center, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and specializes in American diplomatic history and American culture. In this wide-ranging interview, Prof. Mei gives us background into his own journey--in China and America--as an American Fulbright scholar at Yale University of both literature and history, and how and why American Studies has developed and progressed at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Prof. Mei focuses on post-Deng Xiaoping liberalization, and provides insights into how Chinese intellectuals of his generation forged identities out of complex political and societal conditions.

This interview was conducted at the Beijing Foreign Studies University in August 2009 by Russell Leong.