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Prof. Li Xiguang, in an exclusive interview with the U.S.-China Media Brief, probes into the complex relationship between media, journalists, and the U.S. and Chinese governments. Prof. Li is candid and detailed, drawing from his experiences as a veteran journalist at the Xinhua News Agency and as a science reporter for the Washington Post.

For the interview, please view our video cast available here or our podcast (MP3 format) here.

As a Chinese leading academic in press and politics, Prof. Li has been pushing forward the reforms of Chinese press system as well as the journalism education system.

Serving as a think tank leader in press and politics, Prof. Li strives for an open press system through press reform in China. A long-time journalist, Li, Xiguang is Tsinghua University Councilor, the Executive Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University, the president of Tshinghua International Center for Communications Studies, the deputy director of Tsinghua Comprehensive Research Center of AIDS, director of Tsinghua Institute of Health Communication.

Prof. Li is also the director of the Tsinghua-Pakistan Culture and Communication Center which was launched by former Pakistani President Musharraf in 2008.

He is currently the Vice-chairman of the Journal Education Committee of the Ministry of Education.

For more on Li, see: http://www.tsjc.tsinghua.edu.cn/index.php?id=143&styleid=2

Li was interviewed in July 2009 in Beijing by Prof. Russell C. Leong, director of the U.S. China Media Brief and editor, Amerasia Journal, UCLA.

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