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The U.S./China Media Brief seeks to assist media outlets and journalists to cover U.S.-China relations. We offer easily-accessible information materials ranging from online interviews to written articles on Sino-American issues.
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THE EXPERTS EXCHANGE gathers leading national and international experts in law, political theory, media, economics and trade, U.S.-China relations, human rights issues, global politics, environmental issues, literature and culture, and more in relation to balancing and broadening the debate on U.S.-China relations.

The goal of the Exchange is to offer diverse and balanced views, from various historical, political, and comparative perspectives, on the Sino-American relationship.

Today, U.S.-China relations is commonly the focus of heated political debate between the Republican and Democratic parties and among the leaders within each party. Consequently, the U.S. mass media usually reports and emphasizes these political voices, rather than the voices of scholars, activists, practitioners, and those who are involved in defining SIno-American relations differently. The Experts Exchange broadens and balances the debate.

Current Thinking on the
"Oldest and Newest Empire"

According to Prof. L. Ling-chi Wang, "the treatment of Chinese Americans lies at the intersection of domestic and foreign policies; thus, many of our experts are also cognizant of the important, but often overlooked societal and political role of Chinese Americans during the past 150 years in Sino-American relations. See Wang's essay: "The Oldest and Newest Empires: U.S.-China Relations Today" which provides an historical and political overview of the decisive factors which contribute to current thinking on America and China.

Monthly Features
Each month will feature a current expert or an invited commentator from the U.S. and Greater China. Articles of general and specialized interest will also be posted on the Experts Exchange.

For contact information for expert editorials, speakers, and consultants, please contact: Prof. Russell C. Leong, editor and project head of the U.S.-China Media Brief.