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Our mission is to create, promote, and disseminate a more balanced understanding of the interrelationship of the countries, peoples, and cultures of the United States and China through the tools of mass communication and public education.

Four strategic areas make up the U.S.-China Media and Communications Program, housed at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Experts Exchange: Ying Chan
Ying Chan

Ying Chan, an award-winning journalist and Hong Kong native, established The University of Hong Kong's Journalism and Media Studies Centre in September 1999. She set up the first professional postgraduate journalism programme in Hong Kong, launched Hong Kong's first fellowships for working journalists, and forged extensive ties between HKU and the news industry.

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Experts Exchange: Gordon Chang
Gordon H. Chang
Stanford University

Gordon H. Chang is professor of history at Stanford University. His writing examines United States-East Asian relations and Asian American history. He is the author or editor of numerous books and articles on these subjects.

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  Interview with Professor Gordon H. Chang, Stanford University

Experts Exchange: King-Kok Cheung
King-Kok Cheung
Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Professor of English and Asian American Studies at UCLA and Director of the University of California Study Center in Beijing.

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Experts Exchange: Judy Chu
Judy Chu
Congresswoman, 32nd. District, California

Dr. Judy Chu was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a Representative of California's 32nd District in July 2009. Previously, she was elected to the California State Board of Equalization in November 2006. Before joining the State Board of Equalization, Dr. Chu served three terms as a State Assembly Member for the 49th District in the West San Gabriel Valley from 2001 to 2006.

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Experts Exchange: Mike Eng
Mike Eng
California State Assemblymember, 49th District, California

Michael F. Eng was elected to the California State Assembly in November 2006 and represents the 49th district. He is a Democrat and was mayor of Monterey Park from 2004-2005.

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Experts Exchange: C.Cindy Fan
C.Cindy Fan
Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

C. Cindy Fan is a UCLA Professor in the Department of Geography and in the Department of Asian American Studies. Her research interests include: Population geography, regional development, post-Mao China (regional policy, migration, inequality, gender), ethnicity, and quantitative methods.

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Experts Exchange: Sam N. Guo
Sam N. Guo

Sam N. Guo does China program development for UCLA Extension.. His expertise covers: the China market, Chinese economy, and international marketing. Guo lectures in China and provides Chinese business consulting for major U.S. corporations. He teaches MBA and undergraduate courses on Doing Business in China, International Marketing, and International Trade at UC Berkeley, UCLA and Pepperdine University. He has translated various works into Chinese, including, The Transformation of Chinese America (Shanghai Sanlian Press, 2006).

Experts Exchange: Stewart Kwoh
Stewart Kwoh
President and Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California

Stewart Kwoh is the President and Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California (APALC). APALC is the largest and most diverse legal assistance and civil rights organization targeting Asian Pacific Americans in the United States.

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  Stewart Kwoh speaks at The State of Chinese America

Experts Exchange: Vinay Lal
Vinay Lal
Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Prof. Vinay Lal is Associate Professor of History at UCLA where he teaches Indian history, comparative colonial histories, contemporary politics and knowledge, and the politics of culture. His research interests include the worldwide Indian diaspora, especially in the U.S., Fuji, Trinidad, Malaysia, and South Africa. His most recent book is The Other Indians: A Political & Cultural History of South Asians in America, published by the UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press.

Read "Framing a Discourse: China and India in the Modern World"

  Professor Vinay Lal Video Interview

Experts Exchange: Yvonne Lau
Yvonne Lau
Professor, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois

Professor Yvonne Lau is Director of DePaul's Asian & Asian American Opportunities (DAAAO) Program -- an early college partnership with Chicago Public Schools, enhancing opportunities for talented secondary school students to earn college credits in Asian languages & Asian American Studies. Lau is an Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Director of Outreach and Program Development. She also serves as the director of DePaul's Chinese Language Academy, and the DePaul-STARTALK Summer Language Initiatives in Teacher Training and Early College Programs for Chinese Language Study.

Read "President-elect Barack Obama's Chinese Connection: One 'JIA'"

Experts Exchange: Ching Kwan Lee
Ching Kwan Lee
Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Ching Kwan Lee is Professor of Sociology at University of California at Los Angeles. Her book Gender and the South China Miracle won the 1999 Outstanding Book Award of the American Sociological Association, Asia and Asian Americans Section and is the co-winner of the 2000 Outstanding Book Award, Society for the Study of Social Problems, Labor Studies Division. Her book Against the Law: Labor Protests in China’s Rustbelt and Sunbelt won the 2008 Sociology of Labor Book Award, American Sociological Association.

Experts Exchange: Russell Leong
Russell C. Leong
Editor, UCLA Amerasia Journal

Russell C. Leong is the editor of UCLA’s Amerasia Journal, the interdisciplinary journal of Asian American Studies. He is an adjunct professor of English and Asian American Studies, and serves as the editor and project coordinator for the U.S.-China Media Brief. His poems, stories, and essays written in English have been translated / published in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hong Kong, and Taipei.

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  The State of Chinese America in Monterey Park Forum

Experts Exchange: Luo Xuanmin
Luo Xuanmin
Director of the Center for Translation, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Luo Xuanmin is the Director of the Center for Translation, Tsinghua University, Beijing.

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  Prof. Luo Xuanmin interview

Experts Exchange: Yoon Park
Yoon Jung Park
University of Johannesburg

Yoon Jung Park is a senior researcher at the Centre for Sociological Research, University of Johannesburg. She directs a research group which does research on contemporary Chinese migrants in Africa, and on Africans in China.

Read "The Chinese in Africa/Africans in China International Research Working Group"

  Dr. Yoon Jung Park interview

Experts Exchange: Charles Sie
Charles Sie
Nankai International Business Forum

Charles Sie is vice chair of the Nankai International Business Forum, visiting Professor of Nankai University, Tianjin, China, and advisory board member, International Bridges to Justice.

Read "Competition but not Confrontation at the Oympics"

Experts Exchange: L.Ling-chi Wang
L.Ling-chi Wang
Professor, Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley

L. Ling-chi Wang is a nationally and internationally known Chinese American scholar, educator, institution builder, policy advocate for Chinese Americans and Asian Americans for over four decades. Wang has been involved and written on many of the issues that Chinese and Asian Americans have had to confront in education and politics since the late 1960s--bilingual education, ethnic studies, the 1996 presidential campaign scandal, Wen Ho Lee--and U.S.-China relations.

Read "'The Oldest and the Newest Empires:' U.S.-China Relations Today"

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Experts Exchange: Kent Wong
Kent Wong
Director, UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education

Kent Wong is director of the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education, where he teaches Labor Studies and Asian American Studies. Kent has also served as national president of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, and the United Association for Labor Education.

Read "The AFL-CIO and China"

  Kent Wong interview

Experts Exchange: William Wong
William Wong
Journalist and Writer

William Wong is author of Yellow Journalist: Dispatches from Asian America (Temple University Press, 2001), Images of America: Oakland's Chinatown (Arcadia Publishing Co., 2004), and co-author of Images of America: Angel Island (Arcadia Publishing Co., 2007). He was a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal, and senior editor and op-ed columnist for The Oakland Tribune.

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Experts Exchange: Charles Woo
Charles Woo
Co-founder/CEO, Megatoys

Charles Woo is the co-founder and CEO of Megatoys, a toy manufacturer headquartered in Los Angeles, with and manufacturing facilities both in U. S. and China. He is a former Chairman of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Chair of Center for Asian Americans United for Empowerment (CAUSE), a non-profit group that provides leadership development, as well as voter education and registration programs for the APIA community.

Read "'Made in China': What's Behind the Label"

Experts Exchange: Frank Wu
Frank H. Wu
Dean, University of California, Hastings College of Law

Frank H. Wu is Dean of the University of California, Hastings College of Law and co-chaired the Committee of 100 survey on American attitudes toward China, and Chinese attitudes toward America released in 2007.

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Experts Exchange: Min Zhou
Min Zhou
Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Min Zhou is Professor of Sociology and Asian American Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

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  Interview with Professor Min Zhou, UCLA

Experts Exchange:  Helen Zia
Helen Zia
Journalist and Writer

Helen Zia a is the author of Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2001). She is board co-chair of the Women’s Media Center and a member of the Committee of 100, a national organization of Chinese American leaders.

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