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The U.S./China Media Brief seeks to assist media outlets and journalists to cover U.S.-China relations. We offer easily-accessible information materials ranging from online interviews to written articles on Sino-American issues.
University of California Los Angeles
UCLA Asian American Studies Center

The UCLA Asian American Studies Center is one of four ethnic studies centers established in 1969 at the University of California, Los Angeles. With the Department of Asian American Studies, the Center has core programs in research, publications, and curriculum development, in library and archives, in student leadership training, in public educational activities, and in sustained endowment and development efforts.

The Center contributes to the balanced understanding of today's Asian and Pacific Americans from diverse local and global perspectives.

Professor David K. Yoo
u.s./china media brief A project of the U.S.-China Media and Communications Program, UCLA Asian American Studies Center

U.S.-China Media Brief Program Director
Professor Russell C. Leong

Principal Writers and Researchers
Sharon Owyang & Russell C. Leong

Website & Information Architect
Tam Nguyen

Student Intern (2010-2012)
Walter Wang, Jr.

Media Production (2009-2010)
Tin D. Nguyen

Online Media Producer (2008-2009)
George T. Johnston

Media Brief & Website Graphic Design
Yee Design
The Center Staff
Associate Director
Professor Ninez Ponce
Assistant Director
Melany Dela Cruz-Viesca
Center Management
Betty Leung; Ann Chau
Library Resources & Archives
Marjorie Lee
UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press:
Mary Uyematsu Kao, Arnold Pan, Barbra Ramos
Student Community Projects
Meg Thornton
Information Technology Coordinator
Tam Nguyen
Student and Research Assistants
Kan Liu, Xin Zhang, Andrew Jung, Christina Lee, Jacqueline Saen, Jasmine Lau, Aaron Wong
Photo Credits
UCLA Asian American Studies Center
Xinhua News Agency
Sharon Owyang
Tu Ying Ming
Mary Uyematsu Kao